Call for Papers: X International Meeting of Information and Communication Researchers and Experts

Dear Colleagues:

There have been important discussions about development: alternate epistemologies to the paradigm of modernization, the emergence of the concept of citizenship from participation and socio-political action, calling up local parameters as an essential area for the articulation of collective wishes, among others. Within this framework, Information and Communication are being consolidated as key cultural and management processes in achieving the objectives of the development agenda for the year 2030.

Aware that the development we hope for should be encouraging for all and connect many voices; information and communication should draw up innovative forms and accompany social processes where the possibilities of critical, transformative, and self-managed protagonist citizenship multiply. We are facing a more urgent challenge, in the measure that the polarization of power, inequalities and threats to sustainability jeopardize our common future.

ICOM 2019 invites researchers across the world to share reflections and experiences on these topics in a context marked by the network society and the accelerated development of technology.

As we reach the tenth edition of our event, we contribute together to the creation of critical thinking around the issue that will encourage discussion: info-communication, citizenship and social change, new agendas for new development.

See you soon!

Raúl Garcés Corra, PhD.

President of the Organizing Committee

ICOM 2019